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Application Moto assistant is primarily designed for monitoring vehicle average consumption (car, motorcycle...) and for monitoring expenses needed for vehicle running. The necessary condition for this is to enter required data about refueling - that means price, filled volume of fuel, odometer reading and date of refueling. Moto assistant also allows you to enter and monitor all important vehicle events like inspections, repairs, maintenance etc. You can be alerted to upcoming deadlines of this events, Moto assistant even allows you to set a period, you will be alerted in advance. Main program window If you wish to process the data from Moto assistant in another application, then you can export the data to the most used formats: Excel, CSV or TXT. For your better overview Moto assistant also offers you possibility to create statistics and charts with a possibilty to print everything. An entire part of Moto assisatnt is managing of expenditures and incomes. You have possibility to record every expenditure and income and sort it into user definable categories. From this data Moto assistant can compute your actual money balance or can create various charts for you. You can also export expenditures/incomes data and work with them in another application (Excel for example...). As an additional function is implemented a simple ride book. It's not important to fill it, but if you wish to have a complete vehicle overview, you can use it. As the time goes on, your data will get accumulated and get unnoticed. But not with Moto assistant :-) Why? Because almost everywhere in the program you have possibility to sort, filter and/or search the data. With this is ensured almost perfect overview for the user :-) Are you already keeping records in another application? Don't want to rewrite them manually to Moto assistant? Never mind - if your application is able to export data in CSV format. Because Moto assistant can import the data from CSV format.

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